G5 fiction

ZDF Enterprises and the internationally renowned and multi-award-winning producer Uwe Kersken joined forces to establish G5 fiction in 2014. The partners have been successfully collaborating for many years. Uwe Kersken is a co-founder and longtime managing partner of the Cologne-based production company Gruppe 5 Filmproduktion.  In his role as Executive Producer at G5 fiction, he is responsible for the creation, development, financing, production, and licensing rights of top-quality, original drama programs (mini-series, long-running series and event productions) with strong potential on the German and international markets. The focus is on topics with a historical background, although projects from other genres are also considered.

Uwe Kersken is presently working on more than 15 projects. The first projects being developed at G5 fiction for the international market include the series Alexander the Great with Michael Hirst (The Tudors, Vikings) as showrunner and author, which is currently in the financing phase, and the mini-series Ellis Island, written by Dario Poloni with Michael Hirst as script supervisor, which is being co-produced in Ireland by World 2000 Entertainment (The Tudors, Vikings) and Octagon Films (The Borgias / Showtime). National broadcasters from Germany, Italy and Ireland are all on board. The ‘La Senora’, Dona Gracia (The Woman who defied the Inquisition) mini-series, with a plot and ‘Bible’ written by Gavin Scott, has been partly financed by the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW. G5 fiction is currently developing several mini-series, TV movies and a feature film for German-language television, and initial discussions have already been held with a number of German broadcasters.

The aim of G5 fiction is to create an international bridge, with a focus on the United States, and to drive collaboration between creative and prominent partners and co-producers both within Germany and beyond to produce fiction programs of various formats and in a variety of constellations. Internationally, this includes well-known companies such as Sony, Culver City, World 2000 Entertainment & Octagon Films, Green Pavilion, Joss Communication (William J. MacDonald – Rome), and Newen France. Within Germany, this includes Studio Hamburg Produktion Gruppe (Letterbox and Realfilm), ufa fiction, Zeitsprung, Network Movie, Ziegler-Film, Bavaria Filmfernsehproduktion, and Studio tv-film.

Uwe Kersken, G5 fiction: “I’ve been interested in developing drama projects for a few years. It was an obvious decision in that I had been producing high-end documentary projects for German and international broadcasters with Gruppe 5 for many years, and these increasingly required more high-level drama elements.