Two Years of G5 fiction


Uwe Kersken reports successful interim results

In spring 2014, Uwe Kersken and ZDF Enterprises set up the division G5 fiction to mutually develop, finance, produce and distribute high-quality, original series and TV movies with German and international market potential.

On its second anniversary, G5 fiction is delighted to unveil a very impressive interim review. G5 fiction’s first project was the event film Duell der BrĂ¼der – Die Geschichte von Adidas und Puma (the story of the Dassler brothers), commissioned by the Media Group RTL Deutschland and co-produced by Michael Souvignier (Zeitsprung Pictures). It was aired on Good Friday 2016 (director: Oliver Dommenget, scriptwriter: Christian Schnalke).

On an international level the firm can also celebrate co-production agreements with partners such as Green Pavilion and executive producers such as Michael Hirst, James Flynn, and Morgan O’Sullivan (The Tudors, Vikings). The Ellis Island project (scriptwriter: Dario Poloni) is being financed by national broadcasters from Germany, Italy, and Ireland, as well as a top American broadcaster. Michael Hirst has also written an elaborate series about Alexander the Great for G5 fiction. Another project currently in the pipeline is Dona Gracia – The Woman Who Defied the Inquisition (created by William J Macdonald, Uwe Kersken, and Gavin Scott), with a script and bible subsidized by the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW. A story about the Foreign Legion is also being developed in cooperation France’s Newen group.

In the past two years, G5 fiction has also joined forces with a number of leading German producers on specific projects and co-productions. Such partners have included Studio Hamburg Produktion Gruppe for the feature film Romeo and Juliet (scriptwriter: Heiko Schier), the Cold War Cabaret series (scriptwriter: Gavin Scott), and Brent Spar War (scriptwriter: Johannes Betz); Zeitsprung Pictures for Die Goldjungs (scriptwriters: Christian Feyerabend and Uwe Kersken); Network Movie for Berlin Gothic (screenwriter: Dorian Hess, based on an e-book by Jonas Winner);  Ziegler Film for KaDeWe (screenwriters: Markus Hoffmann and Uwe Kossmann) and The Vampire (scriptwriter: Heiko Schier); Bavaria Fernsehproduktion for The White Rose, Die Fugger (scriptwriter: Rupert Henning), Morbus Dei (scriptwriters: Bastian Zach and Matthias Bauer), and Radio Free Europe (scriptwriter: Gavin Scott); and finally film for Memelland (scriptwriter: Heiko Schier).

Uwe Kersken: “I am delighted that our ideas have been so well received by our partners and that many of these are now becoming reality.”


About Uwe Kersken and G5 fiction

Professor Uwe Kersken, an experienced producer and executive producer, was born in 1949. After obtaining degrees in psychology and psychotherapy, he has worked as a TV producer, screenwriter, and director specializing in history and sciences for the German and international TV market since 1985. Kersken was managing partner of the Cologne-based production company Gruppe 5 Filmproduktion GmbH, involved as a producer or executive producer on all of Gruppe 5’s prime-time TV movies and series. He is a member of the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. He also works as a lecturer, and initiated and designed the non-fiction masterclass at the International Film School in Cologne, which he has been managing and organizing since 2009.

Uwe Kersken has been working for ZDF Enterprises under the G5 fiction label since April 2014. The aim of G5 fiction is to create an international bridge, with a focus on the United States, and to drive collaboration between creative and prominent partners and co-producers, both within Germany and beyond, to produce fiction programs.

G5 fiction

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