While a criminal slithers through the hidden labyrinth of tunnels beneath Berlin like a supernaturally evil snake, the charismatic teenager and orphan Till Anschütz learns of his brother’s suicide and leaves the orphanage for a life on the streets.

There he encounters the affluent Bentheim family, after befriending their children – the brilliant and ambitious Lisa and the reserved, shy NAME.  But when the patriarch and enigmatic horror novelist Xavier Bentheim invites him to become a part of the family, the teenager realizes that behind the family’s bourgeois façade lies a patchwork of secrets and lies.

  • Based on the successful ebooks by Jonas Winner
  • Screenplay: Dorian Hess
  • Executive Producers: Uwe Kersken and Wolfgang Cimera
  • Producers: Christina Rose and Andreas Wecker
  • In co-production with Network Movie
  • Currently in the financing phase.