Thrilling and entertaining, this spy-flick-come-melodrama is a dazzling portrayal of the German economic miracle on the eve of the erection of the Berlin Wall. Authentically revisiting the sentiment of the era, the story remains close to the truth, but not its slave. The drama plays out in the Varieté Alhambra theatre, at the switchboards of the secret services, and around gloomy, mythical Berlin, where the survivors of the Nazi inferno dance on the volcano.

‘One, Two, Three’ meets ‘The Spy Who Came in from the Cold’.

  • Idea: Uwe Kersken.
  • Screenplay: Gavin Scott
  • Co-production with Real Film Berlin and Letterbox Filmproduktion, GmbH
  • Executive Producers: Uwe Kersken, Michael Lehmann & Katrin Goetter