LOVE, POWER, MURDER (The Nibelung Saga)

Starring two girls: the strong and beautiful Brünhild, and the great avenger, Kriemhild. (The Revenge series is a gentle breeze in comparison) As different eras are combined or compressed together into the song, this gives rise to an important question: Do we want to focus on the courts of the High Middle Ages, or the archaic period immediately after the mass migration of peoples, and the end of the ancient world? The piece fits better in the earlier period, not least because of Etzel’s appearance (based on Attila).
And that is the way we will do it.

  • Idea: Uwe Kersken
  • Screenplay: Heiko Schier.
  • Co-production with ufa fiction.
  • Producers: Joachim Kosack, Christian Rohde, and Uwe Kersken.
  • In negotiations with German broadcasters.