Through modern CGI, graphics as well as animation the tyrant’s world will come back to life and will bridge elements of entertainment and education. Each story will be presented by The Professor – an eccentric, excitable puppet who in “The Situation Room” must fight for the control over his tyrants to answer such question as “who was the worst, strongest, best looking tyrant of them all.” With various clues, an artifact or even a little diorama, the story of the tyrant in question will be brought closer for us to better understand the time and situation these people lived in.

  • Written by: Gavin Scott (“War and Peace”) and Terry Jones (“Monty Python”)
  • Executive Producers: Uwe Kersken and Christina Rose
  • Puppets by: Ute Krafft
  • Treatment available; trailer coming soon
  • 7 episodes of 30 minute drama