KaDeWe takes us back to the 1930s to tell the story of the people working in one of the largest and most elegant department stores in the world. It has everything. Customers from all over the world meet in the heart of Berlin to admire the latest looks from Parisian catwalks or purchase exotic fruit. Thousands of employees from all aspects of Berlin society are there to serve. It resembles a magnificent oversized doll’s house, in which the world still feels like it should. Naturally, there are rich and poor, and upper and lower classes. Everyone knows where they belong. Race and origin are irrelevant here. But then the Nazis arrive, along with their obsession with race. Hitler seizes power in 1933. And overnight, everything changes. Anti-Semitic laws soon force the store to dismiss hundreds of Jewish employees. As time progresses, so does the persecution, as Jews are deprived of their rights and ultimately deported, if they have not managed to make their own way out of Berlin.  The regime takes possession of the store from its Jewish owners, Georg and Martin Tietz.

What was once a big family is now violently split with an ax. Friends and colleagues become enemies. Only a minority of ‘Aryan’ staff assist their dismissed and persecuted Jewish former colleagues. They do this more or less in secret, as they are putting themselves in increasing danger.

What does the Nazi ax do to the doll’s house? And what does it do to its people?  A moving story of loyalty and betrayal.

Idea: Uwe Kersken
Screenplay: Markus Hoffmann and Uwe Kossmann
Executive Producers: Uwe Kersken and Barbara Thielen
Co-production with Ziegler Film
TV Movie Event