The story centers around the planned sinking of a scrapped oil tank in the rough North Sea, which Greenpeace quickly occupied. Life-threatening protest on the high seas, battles at the bargaining tables and for dominance of the headlines. In truth, however, the story is about the omnipotence of corporations and lobbyists – and the acid test of what an NGO such as Greenpeace can do to oppose them. Of course, it is also about the power of excellent PR. And about setting a precedent: If nobody had done anything, there would now be more than 400 oil tanks and platforms lying on the bottom of the North Sea, contaminating the water and seabed.

Greenpeace ultimately won a total victory ... But not without losing its innocence.

Screenplay: Johannes Betz & Julia Drache
Co-production with Real Film Berlin and Letterbox Filmproduktion
Executive Producers: Uwe Kersken, Michael Lehmann & Katrin Goetter