The Foreign Legion in the Algerian War

A coming of age story about young adults on the canvases of the horrible and deadly Algerian war of independence between 1960 and 1963, a three-front-war with several hundred thousand of casualties. Young soldiers from all over the place including Germany fought for so called French Legion, against the Algerians citizens and underground fighter and finally against some of their own people. They all face a world of Terror, Raping, Torture, Executions on all sides. A tragedy in the past that becomes a mystery in the present. Suspense and danger entwined with romance. Adventure far from home woven with the need for a family haven. An actual investigation that turns into a quest of identity for the young PIERRE and JULIA, which echoes then ties in the initiatory journey of three L├ęgionnaires – HEINRICH, BERNARD and MARK – and an Algerian freedom-fighter, KARIMA.

Idea: Uwe Kersken
Written by Don Schubert and Marc Eisenschtetter